The Happiest Place on Earth

Disney World is the happiest place on earth right?

I mean aren't we all sad when the ride is over?

Don't we all want to go again?

Relive the moments, scream louder and feel the magic every day.
We start out the day with great intentions of photographing every moment, but then something happens, we start to live in the moment instead. Then we get hot, tired, hungry and soon the camera never comes out again. At the end of the day we realize we only have a few images of a very special day and none with ourselves both in the frame AND in the moment at the same time!

What if you could have both?

Be in the moment with your family AND have images of the whole family? What if you didn't have to do anything special? No posing, or acting different because someone else is there with a camera. You just had to be you, normal (or not so normal) you.

These are what documentary sessions at Disney World are all about! Having all those memories frozen in time of the WHOLE family experiencing the magic. From the opening gates to the fireworks plus every meltdown, tantrum and gasp of joy in between. 

Did you just purchase tickets and are now ready to have it all documented? Maybe you are a season pass holder and want to show off the fun you have to others! Prices start at $1200. Let's just talk and see where things go. We can work out all those details about fast passes and dinner together! 

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