As an only child, I am often enamored by the relationship between my son and daughter. They are forced to do all the things I didn’t have to when I was growing up: share, deal with someone always in their space, fight for attention. I wondered whether the 2.5 years of difference would be more of a hindrance or blessing.

Then my daughter was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes and I knew this had the potential to really alter their relationship forever. Would it draw them closer or create a rift full of anxiety, animosity or resentment? 

During the initial diagnosis, I watched my son’s face as we had to forcibly hold down my screaming daughter for her first shot of insulin. The pain he felt was very real and at that moment, I had hope that their relationship would be ok. It pushed me to make a record a visual diary of their life together from that day forward.

The brother and the sister

When I was single, I spent hours upon hours just wandering. Driving endless back roads, walking downtown, just exploring things. I miss it so much. My time as a mother is really fucking hard. While I chose this life of attachment parenting, unschooling and all around be there for every little thing kind of parent, I still need my space, my time to myself. I miss my untethered days of freedom and every once in awhile I sneak out to pretend I am 25 again with extra gas money and no cares.  (See an image you want to buy a print of? Make sure you check out my SHOP)

My break into the illusion of freedom

A multimedia recording reflecting the things we are really thinking through our day as parent, as a wife, as a person that spends many hours at home alone with our offspring. 

A Reflection of Self